Indigenous Films

Indigenous Films

The following are documentary film projects that reflect the goals and aspirations of various indigenous peoples’ living on their traditional land and territories in Canada.


A powerful, documentary film that explores the Festival of Lights, an event in the Wolastuk / Maliseet community of Sitansisk (St. Mary’s First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada). What started in the 1990’s with a few individuals putting up Christmas lights on their houses has become a community event that represents a spirit of generosity, hope and a brighter future for their people and culture.

Year: 2009
Film Director: Jonathan Collicott
Length: 21 minutes


Our Heritage Our Future

Our Heritage Our Future is a documentary film that explores waterpower generation on public land in Canada, and how Ojibwe and Cree First Nation peoples’ in northern Ontario are taking control of economic and social activities on their traditional lands.

Year: 2013
Film Directors: Miriam Fischer & Lloyd Salomone
Length: 27 minutes