Spirit of Schumacher

Spirit of Schumacher

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The Spirit of Schumacher is an on-going historical digital media project that depicts the people, places and activities – past & present – in the community of Schumacher, Ontario, Canada. The project features information, photos, events, newsletters and videos produced by the Schumacher Arts, Culture & Heritage Association, in collaboration with other interested people, organizations and funders that care about the community and its future.


Christmas in Schumacher

Christmas in Schumacher is an uplifting music video that celebrates the spirit of generosity and faith in the community of Schumacher. Written and performed by Rob Knox, the song, The Bells of St. Alphonsus, is the back drop for a series of Christmas activities in the community. One of which is Mr. Schumachers’ Christmas Gifts – a present given to every child that lives in the community. An annual tradition that began in 1916 and continues today.

Schumacher Historical Photo Video

The Schumacher Historical Photo Video takes you on a visual and musical journey of Schumacher from 1910 until the early 1960’s, when it grew from a mining hamlet of a few cabins in the woods into a dynamic community of 3,000 ethnically diverse people from around the world seeking a better life.

Schumacher Lions Club

Long time Schumacher Lions Club members, Ken Lessard and Joe Ferrari, chronicle the history of community service that their organization has provided to Schumacher since 1935.

The Croatian Hall in Schumacher

Members of the Croatian Hall Society in Schumacher reflect on the cultural contributions that Croatians’ have made to this community in nothern Ontario and the future of their hall and cultural heritage.